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Collections on Destiny

The librarian and teachers have collected resources that will help you with your research needs. Just click on the button to take you to the collection on Destiny. These resources are accessible 24/7. Make sure you log in to Destiny with your school Google Sign-in. Other passwords you need are linked below or referenced in the description or the resource.

You may also search Destiny for books. Simply place books on hold and visit the library to pick them up when you have a chance.

General Research

Databases and resources for general research needs. Start here if you are exploring topics.

Fine Arts

This collection provides links to resources related to art, music, and theatre.

Language Arts

Resources related to language arts, including research help, literature, critical reviews, etc.

Social Studies

This collection provids resources to help with history, psychology, & sociology.

Foreign Language

This collection of resources relate to foreign language topics.


A small collection of online newspapers from around the world + an evaluation tool.

Science & Medicine

This collection provides links to databases and websites related to science, health, & medicine.

Tech Ed

This collection links to resources related to auto, construction, and careers.


A collection of resources to help you research careers. Use this to supplement Xello research.

Reader Advisory

This collection of links will help you find your next book, or....just ask the librarian.


This collection provides resources related to business, entrepreneurship, & marketing.

Teengers with Laptop

Public Libraries


If the CHS Library doesn't have something, maybe another library does. You can access resources at the Haysville Community Library, Wichita Public Library, and the State of Kansas Library. You do need an eCard at least. Ms. Corcoran can get you one for the state Library, but you will have to get your own for the other two libraries.

Checking the news online
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