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We Have More Than Books!

Of course, we love books, but we also love technology. We have robots, virtual reality, a Cricut, 3D printer pens, Legos, Kinex, microphones, and more. Use all our resources to explore and learn new things.

Dash Robots.jpg


The library has 10 Dash robots. Students can learn basic coding and logic by using these. Teachers can also use them to practice the problem-solving model. Math teachers can use them in activities that require measuring lines and angles.

Each robot comes with a launcher and a gripper attachment. This is great fun, but it also has a great math/science application if the launches are graphed in a scatter plot.

Meta Quest 2.jpg


Virtual reality allows you to immerse yourself in an alternate world. It is a chance for new learning experiences. Learning through games can lead to better understanding of concepts. 

The headset is pre-loaded with apps/games rated for everyone. You may request a game be added. Check out this informational flyer. Email Ms. Corcoran with any questions or requests.


The library subscribes to Swank K-12 streaming. Teachers can search the pre-approved titles or request approval of a title from Swank's database. Students can only view the movies if a teacher shares a direct link with them.

Use this service to supplement a lesson. Watching videos via Swank also ensures that you are showing movies legally, even if they are a reward.

Seminar Schedule.png


The library is open during seminar on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. To come, you must sign up via a Google Form. The form will be emailed at the start of 1st block. It will close at the end of 1st block. The library will send you an eHallpass at the end of 4th block. That is the only way you may travel to the library.

Cricut (1).jpg


Create displays and projects that are more chic and professional looking. The library lab has the cricut software on 9 machines. Create an account, design, and save. Then log in on the cricut computer. 

The library has cardstock and construction paper. If you want to do a project with vinyl, bring your own material.

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